About Us

Action FMS was started with the main goal and purpose to simplify the California Self Determination Program process and to fill a void in the lack of FMS providers. At Action FMS we take action to streamline the process and strive to give full support for each individual member and their families.

Our story is simple. As a family, whose son is in the California Self Determination Program, we experienced the dreadful and often confusing task of starting the SDP. It took months to make a budget, even longer to find an FMS and almost half a year to get that FMS to onboard our case. All we heard throughout this process, was that this was typical and normal for most families.

We believe that this process should and can be simpler. An ideal onboarding should take less than two months from signed off spending plan. As we work close with you and your family to onboard your employees and vendors, the Regional Centers will support the transfer from Traditional Services to SDP. We work for you and your family, and we look forward to be on this journey with you.