Frequently Asked Questions

What are Financial Management Services, or FMS?

The Self-Determination Program mandates the use of a Financial Management Service (FMS). This service is essential for aiding participants and their families in budget management, vendor bill payments, and handling payroll for hired support workers. As Action FMS is a Financial Management Service, we want to serve all of your financial needs regarding your participation in the Self-Determination Program.

What are the Models of FMS?

There are three models within our Financial Managment Services. The three include: Bill Payer Method, Co-Employer Method, and Employer Method. For more information on our services go to our Services page.

Who is my Point of Contact?

Once you are enrolled in Action FMS you will be assigned a Service Intake Person who will assist you. If you forgot who your Service Intake Person is, email with any questions.

Who is required to complete a background check?

All those being paid for offering direct personal care must undergo a background check before starting work. This rule applies to family members as well. Direct personal care involves helping with dressing, grooming, bathing, and personal hygiene.

Who pays for the background check?

The person providing care is responsible for the cost of the background check.

Where do I get my background check?

In order to find a background check, use this link: to find a location near you.

Are there services that I can’t include in my spending plan?

Services already accessible through other funding sources, like schools or Medi-Cal, cannot be part of the SDP spending plan. Moreover, only services sanctioned by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are eligible. Lastly, any service must align with a goal and objective in the IPP.

Can I pay for an item/service and be reimbursed?

No. As your FMS, we are not allowed to reimburse the participant/family member if they purchase an item/service. The FMS must pay and seek repayment from the Regional Center.

What services can I include my spending plan?

Each service listed in the spending plan should align with a goal and objective in the IPP. Services will vary based on individual needs. Services are grouped into three main categories: Living Arrangement, Employment and Community Participation, and Health & Safety. Each category contains specific services. You can find a detailed list with descriptions on the DDS Self-Determination webpage.

How do I start?

The steps are outlined under “Our Process” on our home page. But, the best thing to do is to call us (310) 867-8882.

How do I find information on the Employee Onboarding Process?

To find an overview of the Employee Onboarding Process please see

Have a question that is not above? Feel free to contact us by emailing or calling (310) 867-8882