Our Services include three models: Bill Payer Method, Co-Employer Method, and Employer Method.


Bill Payer Method

A participant can choose the Bill Payer model when services or goods are provided by an agency or business. Action FMS will write checks to the agency or business for services or goods provided. These goods or services are outlined in the participant’s IPP. A participant using the Bill Payer model does not require Action FMS to provide any employment to any service provider as all services and goods are provided by a business. The agency or business providing the services keeps their employer/employees relationship with any worker and the Agency or business is responsible for all applicable taxes, insurances as stated by state and federal law.

This model excludes any form of employment from Action FMS.

Co-Employer Method

A participant can choose the Co-Employer model when they receive services and goods from a combination of businesses and employees. FMS will write checks to the agencies and business as a Bill Payer as well as be the employer of record for the participant’s staff. The Co-Employer model allows the participant to maintain the ability to hire and terminate employees with the assistance of Action FMS. In this model Action FMS is the employer on record and must provide payroll service, insurances such as workman’s comp and liability insurance, as well as verifying providers qualifications and background checks. Action FMS will process payroll for any employees requested by the participant. Action FMS will have to follow all applicable state and federal employer laws.

Sole Employer Method

A participant can choose the Employer model when they want to be the direct employer of those providing services. Action FMS will assist the participant to abide by all applicable employment laws, verify providers qualification and process payroll. The participant in the Sole Employer model is required to keep all insurances needed such as workman’s comp and liability insurance.

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