Welcome to Action FMS!

The Employee Onboarding Process may seem complicated, but we would like to simplify it to make it an easy process for all. 


Step 1: Receive an email from vienna@actionfms.com with instructions on how to complete your Live Scan / Background check documents. You must go to a Live Scan office to complete this. (If you have already done a Live Scan for another FMS please notify Vienna as soon as possible to get instructions on a slightly different process of getting your background check completed).

* Action FMS does not pay for the Live Scan Service.

Step 2: Wait for results. 

Step 3: Complete the Employee Agreement between yourself, the employer (the family or individual whom you work for), and Action FMS. 

* Note: in the Employee Agreement make sure you submit your documentation for Identification from either List A or both List B & C.

Step 4: Set up your payroll through Cal Pay (California Payroll). You will receive an email from California Payroll and a notification from vienna@actionfms.com

Step 5: Download the app needed to clock in/out your hours. An email will be sent to you with instructions.


Once all 5 steps are completed, then you will be able to start clocking in your hours/working under Action FMS. You cannot get paid during the time that it takes to onboard you or any previous hours. 

You must use the app provided to clock your hours under California Law.


If you are missing any documents, you may access them below.

Live Scan Background Check:

4 documents needed to complete live scan:

BCIA8016 – Action FMS

BCIA8016 – Privacy Notice

DS228 – Action FMS

DS229 – Action FMS

DS6014 – Action FMS

You may not need it, but if you need DS 6015 or DS 224 here it is below:

DS6015 – Action FMS

DS 224 – Action FMS

* Please Note that these are blank and do not have your Regional Center inputted, you may put it in yourself or access the document pre-filled with the correct Regional Center in the email you received from vienna@actionfms.com *


Employee Agreement:

When completing the Panda Docs please upload your Identification form either List A or both List B & C.

If you are providing code 310 services you must be CPR & First Aid Certified. If you are not here is a link for an easy way to get certified:


Untitled Design 1

Pay Roll:

We use California Payroll to run our payroll services. 

Please save your log in information once you enroll in Cal Pay.

Here is where you can log in if you lost your initial log in email: 





You will be using CareTime to clock your hours. 

You will be given the set up email from CareTime with a following email from Vienna notifying you about the app. 

If you miss clocking in you can add a TimeSheet (last option), you can find instructions here: CareTime Time Sheet Entry Instructions

You can alter your time in/out when you clock out of each shift if you need to make a change.


Once you are enrolled, you will be paid semi-monthly. 

1st-15th: typically be paid on the 22nd of the month 

16th-end of the month: typically be paid on the 6th of the following month.


For any questions, please feel free to email vienna@actionfms.com